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Keflex medicine is an antibiotic that is used for the treatment of bacterial infections in the body. This solution is known to be an effective solution in working over infections of the lungs, ears, throat, urinary tract, skin, bones, soft tissues, and joints. This medication when consumed as prescribed kills bacteria, which helps in improving the symptoms and curing the infection. Cephalexin is the main active component in this medicine.

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What Does It Do?

The medication Keflex composed of Cephalexin in capsule form is an antibiotic medicine, which works by killing the infection-causing bacteria in the body. The medicine is an effective bacterial infection of the throat, ears, urinary tract, skin, and soft tissues like condition. This medication shall help you feel better within a few days, but one must continue taking it as prescribed even while one might feel better about the condition. Stopping it early might also make the infection to come back and harder for treating.


Cephalexin component in the medicine Keflex is an antibiotic. The medicine shall eventually work by killing the bacteria that further helps in preventing them from forming the bacterial protective covering (cell wall) that is all needed for them to survive.


This medicine Keflex is offered in dosages that are all mentioned below:
• 250 mg: The medicine is available in tablet form, usually when it is consumed in approx. 6 to 12 hours with or without food, exactly as it is prescribed by the doctor
• 500 mg: This medicine is to be consumed every 6 or 12 hours with or without food, not against the prescription that is provided by the doctor

Side Effects

  • Rash
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting


Before consumption of the medicine, one must inform the doctor in case you are allergic to any antibiotics or might have any kidney or liver issues. One must also let the doctor know all other medicines might consume are taking as they might affect, or shall all be affected by this particular medication. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers must all consult their doctor before using the medication.

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