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Ditropan is a medicinal drug used to treat certain bladder and urinary conditions like overactive bladder. This active ingredient belongs to a group of drugs known as anticholinergics/antimuscarinics. This drug relaxes muscles in the bladder to reduce sudden urge to urinate. It is offered in a conventional tablet form. The dosage available is 5 mg.

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Generic Ditropan - 5mg

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Active Ingredient

The main active component Oxybutynin Chloride is an active component. It has an antimuscarinic and antispasmodic properties. This drug blocks muscarinic receptors in smooth muscle, to inhibit the acetylcholine binding and subsequent reduction of involuntary muscle contractions. This active component is indicated to reduce bladder contractions by relaxing bladder smooth muscle. This is an antispasmodic used for the treatment of overactive bladder. It plays the role of a muscarinic antagonist, a muscle relaxant, an antispasmodic drug, a parasympatholytic, a calcium channel blocker and a local anaesthetic.


Oxybutynin composed medication is indicated to treat certain bladder and urinary conditions like overactive bladder. This effective drug relaxes the muscles in the bladder to help reduce problems of urgency and frequent urination. Ditropan belongs to a class of drugs known as antispasmodics.

Action Mechanism

Given medication is an antispasmodic drug, which is also called anticholinergics/antimuscarinics. Ditropan works by relaxing the muscles of the bladder. This reduces sudden need to urinate, having to urinate often, and leaking in between bathroom visits.


This medicine is available for oral consumption in a dosage as follows:

  • 5 mg: It shall be taken 2-3 times a day, or as directed by the doctor. It may be taken with or without food


This drug is not recommended in children younger than 5 years of age.


What is Ditropan?

Ditropan (oxybutynin) reduces muscle spasms of the bladder and urinary tract.

What is Ditropan used for?

Ditropan is used to treat symptoms of overactive bladder, such as frequent or urgent urination, incontinence (urine leakage), and increased night-time urination.

How to use Ditropan?

Take this medication with a full glass of water. Try to take this medication at the same time each day. Ditropan may be taken with or without food.

What happens if Ditropan is overdosed?

Overdose can lead to seizures or convulsions, flushing, fevers, dehydration, heart rhythm problems, vomiting, or the inability to urinate. Overdose can lead to death.

What should be avoided?

Ditreopan XL may cause blurred vision and may impair thinking or reactions. Be careful if drive or do anything that requires alertness and able to see clearly.

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