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Speman is to be considered as the premier ayurvedic solution. It helps men to maintain male reproductive health. Herbs and minerals that are present in the herbal solution might have been combined as per ayurvedic principles. Such a combination of the medicine promotes healthy LH and FSH hormone levels.

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Active Ingredient

Hygrophilia, Cowhage, and Small Caltrops are the active ingredients in this herbal medication. This particular combination of components shall work well by enhancing the sperm count and the quality of semen by simply booting up the LH-FSH producing basophil cells in the pituitary gland. The medicine Speman thus enhances the sexual desire and helps in sustaining penile erection for longer lovemaking sessions.


Herbal medicine is also known for acting as an aphrodisiac. The hormone that might regulate functions in the herbs might eventually lead to an enhancement in the libido level and it can further help in stimulating the release of pheromones and testosterone. This shall also enhance the supply of blood to the penile organs and shall further help in ejaculating normally.

Action Mechanism

Hygrophilia, Cowhage and Small Caltrops components in the medication work well by enhancing the sperm count and the quality of semen. Spermatogenesis or sperm cell develops some of the hormonal drives from the gonadotrophins and testosterone. This medicine medication is known for helping in sperm cells that are developed by enhancing the functions of the testicles, seminal vesicles, and epididymis that shall help for storing, maturating, and transporting sperms. Speman shall also help in supporting healthy levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormones (LH) by enhancing LH-FSH basophil cells in the pituitary glands.


In the beginning, this herbal solution is to be consumed as 2 pills twice in a day with meals (2 tablets during/after lunch and 2 during/after dinner).

  • The herbal pill can be consumed as a lower dosage to one tablet twice a day along with main meals. The medication is known for acting on the body’s organs and it shall take no time to deliver effectiveness.


A man might need to allow at least a month or two for watching out the results that can vary from man to man.

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