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Allergan Namenda

  • 5mg
  • Availability: In Stock

Allergan Namenda
  • 10mg
  • Availability: In Stock

Namenda medicine composed of Memantine Hydrochloride is a solution that is used for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. This medication also aids to simply slow down the progression of moderate to severe Alzheimer's like condition by enhancing the memory and thinking about it. The solution works well by blocking a chemical messenger which is involved in the transmission of nerve signals.
Manufacturer: Allergan, Inc.

What Does It Do?
The drug Memantine Hydrochloride is used for the treatment of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease (AD; which is a brain disease that might gradually destroy the memory and the ability for thinking, learning, communicating and handling some of the daily activities). This component in Namenda medicine is in a class of solution known as NMDA receptor antagonists. The medicine does the job by lowering the abnormal activity that occurs in the brain. This medication shall enhance the ability to think and remember some of the things, which might slow the loss of these abilities in people who have AD.

The brain is known for using some chemical messengers, known as neurotransmitters, which helps in passing the signals between nerve cells. Different neurotransmitters might all have different roles; for example, glutamate is involved well so as to learn and memory. Normally, glutamate is known to interact with a receptor, which is called as the NMDA receptor and is found on the surface of nerve cells that further allows calcium to enter a cell. This entire process is all essential for signaling between cells and, ultimately, in learning and memory. Precise regulation of such particular amount of calcium entering the cell is of considerable importance, as too much calcium might be all toxic and can all lead to damage of the cell.

This medicine Namenda composed of Memantine Hydrochloride is offered in dosages for oral administration as mentioned below:
• 5 mg: The medication is to be consumed with or without need of food as it is advised by the doctor
• 10 mg: this medication can be consumed with or without food as mentioned in the prescription by the doctor
Side Effects and Reactions:

The side effects with Memantine Hydrochloride component include headache, sleepiness, confusion, abnormal liver function tests, balance disorder and shortness of breath. Namenda pill might also lead to condition like dizziness and sleepiness, hence avoid act like driving or performing anything that might need mental focus until one might know how this medicine shall affect you. This solution might also lead to diarrhea, hence consume plenty of fluids and keep yourself hydrated.


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- Allergan Namenda

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