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Tastylia is an oral strip that helps to treat sexual disorders like impotence in men. This oral medication provides quick assimilation. Such oral pills are best for men who are bored or feel uncomfortable taking conventional tablets. The main active ingredient used in the manufacturing of this product is Tadalafil 20 mg. This medicine is available for consumption only in one dosage of Tastylia 20 mg.

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Tastylia - 10mg

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Active Ingredient

The very well-known and most effective Tadalafil is used as the parent ingredient in this medicine. Tastylia is composed of 10 mg of Tadalafil. The high-powered pill remains effective in the bloodstream for a maximum of 28 hours. It is the most powerful ingredient to treat Erectile Dysfunction in men. Tadalafil helps men to treat impotence and enjoy their lovemaking sessions without any penile failure. This ingredient only treats the physical issue associated with impotence.


Impotence occurs when the penile does not receive the required amount of blood that helps it to stand erect, thus penile loses its hardness. Such oral medicine is easy to consume plus highly effective in treating penile failure and keeping it at bay.

Action Mechanism

Tastylia is an orally disintegrating strip that needs to be consumed orally. Once it has been consumed in the presence of sexual stimulation or arousal, the active ingredient present in the medicine Tadalafil enters the bloodstream and increases the amount of blood flow in the penile region, making it sufficient enough for the penile to stand erect during intercourse.


This oral medicine is made available for consumption only in the following dosage:

  • 20 mg: Composed of 10 mg of Tadalafil, should be taken 30 minutes before the planned sexual activity.


Such a strong Erectile Dysfunction pill should be taken only after it has been prescribed by a health professional.

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