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Pharmacia & Upjohn Cortef

  • 5mg
  • Availability: In Stock

Pharmacia & Upjohn Cortef
  • 20mg
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Hydrocortisone, a mild corticosteroid treats serious allergies
  • It also treats conditions such as arthritis, blood/hormone/immune system disorders, skin and eye conditions, breathing problems, cancer, and severe allergies
  • This medicine decreases the immune system's response to various diseases to reduce symptoms like pain, swelling and allergic-type reactions
  • Hydrocortisone is an active ingredient used in similar drugs like, Cortef
  • The medicine is available in the dosages as Hydrocortisone 5 mg and Hydrocortisone 20 mg
  • Medicine is composed as erythrosine supra or white round conventional tablet and packed as 10 tablets per blister

Directions for Use
should be taken 1 to 4 times a day with or without food, as directed by the doctor

Do's and Don'ts

  • Avoid driving or activities, which require alertness after consuming Hydrocortisone
  • Talk to the doctor about medical history of eye disease, heart problems, high blood pressure, liver disease, kidney disease, thyroid problems, diabetes, stomach/intestinal problems, brittle bones, current/past infections, bleeding problems, blood clots, mental/mood conditions, low salts in the blood, seizures
  • Remove tablet from blister pack right before use
  • Missed dose can be taken as soon as remembered
  • Avoid consuming Cortef if allergic to ingredients mention on the strip
  • Tablets should be swallowed as whole

Side Effects

  • Common side effects: Nausea, sore throat, cough, heartburn, menstrual cycle changes, indigestion, headache, tiredness, fever, stomach upset, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, muscle pain, increased sweating
  • Rare side effects: Rise in blood sugar, worsen diabetes, increased urination or thrust, white patches in mouth or vaginal discharge
  • Serious side effects: Unusual weight gain, vision problems, unusual hair growth, thinning skin, stomach/abdominal pain, black or bloody stools


  • Contact the doctor immediately if observed serious allergic reaction such as rash, itching/swelling especially of the face/tongue/throat, severe dizziness, breathing problem
  • Overdose may cause breathing problems or severe health issues
  • Use of Hydrocortisone in breastfeeding and pregnant women strictly contraindicated


  • Store Cortef at controlled temperature between 25 to 30oC
  • Protect Hydrocortisone from excess heat or humidity, it may harm medicine
  • Do not store this medicine in bathroom or other moist places


  • Avoid direct disposal of Hydrocortisone in the environment
  • Take medications out of original containers, mix it with dirt like kitty litter and discard it in household trash
  • Do not flush Cortef, if not instructed to do so
  • Discard Hydrocortisone in the sealed plastic bag


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