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Gilead Sciences Ranexa (Extended-Release)

  • 500mg
  • Availability: In Stock

Gilead Sciences Ranexa (Extended-Release)
  • 1000mg
  • Availability: In Stock

Ranexa is an effective medicine used in the treatment of chronic angina or chest pain. This medicine has an active component Ranolazine, which is an anti-anginal drug. It is an extended-release tablet manufactured by the trusted pharmaceutical company, Gilead Sciences, Inc. It is offered in dosages like 500 mg and 1000 mg.

Manufacturer: Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Active Ingredient: Ranolazine is the main active component of this medicine. It is a piperazine derivative with anti-anginal and potential antineoplastic properties. This medication may involve the alteration of the trans-cellular late sodium current in the ischemic myocyte. By preventing the rise of intracellular sodium levels, this drug may affect the transport activity of sodium-dependent calcium channels. It also prevents calcium overload during myocardial ischemia to prevent cellular injury. Its potential antineoplastic effect may depend on its inhibitory effect on fatty acid oxidation. This sensitizes tumor cells to apoptosis and reduces tumor cell proliferation; fatty acid oxidation provides energy and promotes tumor cell proliferation and survival.

Indications: Ranolazine composed of medicine is indicated for the treatment of chronic angina or chest pain. Ranexa acts by improving blood flow to help the heart work more efficiently. This medicine is not for treating during an acute attack of angina.

Action Mechanism: This mentioned medicine is an anti-anginal drug that works by improving blood flow to help the heart work more efficiently and smoothly. Ranexa is approved for the treatment of chronic angina.

Dosages: This medicine is available for administration in dosages as given below:

  • 500 mg: This is an extended-release tablet, usually taken twice a day with or without food at around the same times every day as prescribed by the doctor
  • 1000 mg: This medicine is to be taken twice a day before or after a meal as advised by the doctor

Note: This medicine is not recommended in people who have cirrhosis of the liver.


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- Gilead Sciences Ranexa (Extended-Release)