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  • Podophyllum, a medicine that treat Warts
  • The medicine is to be applied directly to the skin for removal of warts, including plantar warts and genital warts
  • It also treats white patches on the tongue in people with weakened immune systems and for corns
  • The medicine works by destroying the tissue of the growth
  • The medicine is sold under the brand name Podofilm Resin Paint
  • The medicine is made available in bottle of 10 ml
  • Medicine is composed as white liquid and packed as 10 ml per bottle

Directions for Use

It is recommended to apply Podophyllum once a day in observation of the doctor

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Completely stop consumption of alcoholic beverages while treating with Podophyllum
  • Avoid sharing the medicine with others without consulting with the doctor
  • Should be washed off the medicine within 4 to 6 hours of the application
  • Covering too much skin with Podophyllum or applying it to broken skin increases risk of getting poisoned

Side Effects

Common side effects: Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, spasms, fever, visual changes and hallucinations, low blood pressure, bone marrow problems, paralysis, coma, liver problems, kidney problems


  • The medicine should be applied as prescribed, it may result into serious health issues
  • Podophyllum is unsafe for breastfeeding and pregnant women


  • Not advisable to store the medicine at the moist places like bathroom
  • Avoid storing Podophyllum in water bottle compartment of the car
  • Avoid Podophyllum exposure to direct sunlight


  • Never leave identifying information on the Podophyllum while disposing
  • Discard Podophyllum bottle safely after emptying the liquid