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The herbal medication Musli Power Xtra helps in relieving complete sexual condition in impotent men. A super effective solution is safe for oral intake that shall give X-Tra Power, Extra Time, and X-Tra Pleasure. The medicine shows proper and healthy way of having heavenly moments without any chances or breakdowns while making love. This super effective and safe herbal solution is a product by Kunnath Pharmaceuticals. This medicine shall help in delivering effective results only when it is consumed as prescribed.

Manufacturer: Kunnath Pharmaceuticals

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Musli Power Xtra - Musli Power Xtra-

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Active Ingredient: The main active components in this branded herbal capsule include Musli, Ashwagandha, Kapikachu, Muringa, Tribulus, Dhatri, Shilajeet, and jathi path. The medicine in capsules is known for enhancing strength and stamina, general wellbeing and vitality, experiencing youthfulness, boosting up stimulants and energy and excluding some old age fatigue.

Indication: Such capsules are 100% natural sex enhancer one of a kind in its extraordinary effectiveness delivery. Musli Power Xtra capsules are known for boosting up the libido (sexual desire) and working as a powerful stimulant for both men as well as women.

Action Mechanism: Herbal capsules are known for being helpful so as to enhance the strength and stamina that shall further help in boosting up general wellbeing and vitality. This action shall further protect cardiovascular health, which might lessen enhancement of stimulants. The herbal solution is also known as energy for planned lovemaking session. 100% effective herbal capsule shall help in boosting up these sexual senses and dealing with impotence condition that occurs right from the core with safe and effective outcomes. Medication delivers effectiveness only when it is consumed as prescribed by the doctors.

Dosages: The herbal solution is safe and it can be consumed well as prescribed by men of any age. The medicine is available in forms below:

  • Gelatin Capsule: It is recommended for consumption as 2 capsules per dosage post intake of food with warm milk or water. Consume the medicine for any length of time after the initial course of 45 days as needed.

Note: The super safe and effective herbal solution is safe for oral intake as it is made entirely from safe herbal ingredients. Side effects are rare and can occur only if you are allergic to the components in it.

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Musli Power Xtra


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